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DH Bucharest recap
  napoleono, May 16 2014

I promised some pics, so here they are. Overall it was pretty awesome and had a lot of fun. Got to listen to Tasteless, Artosis, Demuslim and Incontrol cast for 2 days straight from like 1 meter away. Also managed to convince wife to come with me for a couple of hours and from what I could tell she had her share of fun considering the circumstances and that she barely recognizes the races in sc2 :D

On my way to the event (this park is like 5 min walk from the place I live) :

The venue:

My shy wife:

The event is about to start (this pic got retweeted by Demu ):

Free stuff from HyperX -Its just HyperX! (related video ^^)

Behind the bars:

Heading home after Day 1:

You wanna piece of me boy?

TLO casting after being eliminated:

And the others are resting in the meanwhile:

Jjakji just found out that WCS is due to start in 2 weeks and he had travel plans with his soon-to-be-fiance as they were getting engaged in a couple of days :D Poor guy was devastated, but his english is pretty decent ^^

Top8 about to start - main stage only sc2 from now on:

JaeDong with Smyx after taking down Snute

Me with Tastosis - shitty pic taken by a random stranger


....about to start:

And awkard celebrating gif (as we are used to in all DHs):

All in all it was awesome. Recently they announced DH Masters which will be held in November, cant wait it. Also next year they wanna do the event at a 30k football stadium :D Esports is well and alive.

Take care guys

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Dreamhack Bucharest
  napoleono, Apr 26 2014

Just heading off to the venuee. Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Will be back with pics

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Poker giveth. Poker taketh
  napoleono, Feb 20 2014

Yesterday I just bought my first real thing (even two from 1 shot!) from poker earned money:

The phone and the tablet cost me around 900$ and basically the purchase cut in half my BR. Its freaking awesome that I can have fun, relax and earn money, with which I can buy luxury items, which otherwise I wouldnt have bought.

Yet, not so long after the purchase, I sat down to play an MTOPS event - dont want to go in details, but it was a series of brutal badbeats (8-9 70/30 80/20 lost in an hour or so to runner-runner straights/flushes), which put me on a tilt and I was heavily upset. Even if I was right to be upset, after a while I was like:

WTF brain, you are upset cause you lost 40$ worth of BIs due to badbeats, but earlier you bought some cool things for 900$ which hopefully you'll get to use a couple of years and for which you earned the money from the same game - you are effing retarded.

Moral of the story - I need to not worry so much about badbeats, because I know they turn around in the long-term, but on the moment I let them to get to me and influence my game. I am now thinking to switch off the show cards option when you go all-in or just switch the windows to not care about cards that run out. Will have to figure out a way though to take notes of people stacking off light, etc.

Take care guys.

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